Serve . Love . Give . Purify . Meditate . Realize .

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The vision of Vedanta is an equation of the identity between the jiva, individual, and Isvara, the Lord. This vision of oneness, aikya, is not available for perception or inference. Nor is the oneness that is unfolded by Vedanta contradicted by perception or inference. Oneness is purely in terms of understanding the equation. Vedanta does not promise a salvation to the soul. In its vision, the soul, the atman, is already free from any limitation. Freedom from limitation is a fact and the release of the individual from this sense of limitation is the outcome of understanding the equation. Therefore, the entire teaching of Vedanta can be expressed in one sentence -
tat tvam asi, that thou art. All other sentences in the upanisads are only meant to prove this equation.

Swami Dayananda



I have only one message and only one common subject: and that is:

"Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate and Realize. Be Good Do Good".

Reflect deeply on these wonderful words, which reveal the secret of harmony, peace, joy, success and Bliss. Remember that the salt of life is selfless service;
the bread of life is universal love; the water of life is purity.
Hence serve, love and be pure.
The fragrance of life is generosity; the sweetness of life is devotion; the pivot of life is meditation.
The goal of human life is Self-realization.
Therefore be devoted and generous.
Meditate and realize the Self.

Swami Sivananda


For those looking for
Hatha yoga practice, you can contact the following teachers who used to teach at
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre Singapore.

  JU LEE  


"Overcome the incapacity to give by giving; by refraining from anger, overcome anger; by trust, overcome lack of trust; by truth, overcome what is false; having crossed this four-fold difficult-to-cross human traits, may you gain happiness."




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